• #guy138 @BritishTwunk returns

    #guy138 @BritishTwunk returns

    It was a joy to have @BritishTwunk back for a second session. He’s just as greedy and desperate for dick as I remember him. #guy138 This video starts with him tied down a vulnerable. He convinces me to let him worship my cock, and eventually I can’t resist but fill his beautiful expectant hole. My…

  • #guy175 8 inch twunk edged and tickled

    #guy175 8 inch twunk edged and tickled

    Introducing #guy175, self-described as an “8 inch twunk”, he really didn’t disappoint. That big dick is sensitive and a joy to play with. His cum explodes in all directions after he gives a few frantic warnings of impeding jizz. You might also discover whether he’s ticklish… I recommend watching this when your balls a full…

  • #guy138 @BritishTwunk (uncensored)

    #guy138 @BritishTwunk (uncensored)

    This is (almost) the longest video I’ve ever posted and very much a favourite of mine already. #guy138 @BritishTwunk is beautiful, very enthusiastic and feels really good! (1 hour, 2 minutes, 44 seconds)

  • #guy167


    This is one of my personal favourites. I arranged the session on my birthday because I knew it would be a real treat for me and I wasn’t disappointed! Earlier today I asked #guy167 what he thought of the video and in his typically modest style he said: “Haha. Probably not one of your best.…

  • #guy164 @BritBoysXXX

    #guy164 @BritBoysXXX

    Some guys are blessed with massive cocks, some with massive loads and some, like #guy164 are blessed with both! Not to mention that adorable face! I am obsessed! Note. this guy’s face is shown (unblurred) in the full version of this video (26 minutes, 58 seconds)

  • #guy162 @EdFTMxxx

    #guy162 @EdFTMxxx

    34 minutes, 31 seconds Preview I am really excited for you to see this beautiful video with @EdFTMxxx. My dick was throbbing throughout this session as I explored Eddy’s muscular body. Loved every second – hope you do too #guy162 DIRECT LINKS TO VIDEO VIA FAN SITES This video is included with all of my…

  • #guy156 @LOUISJACKSXXX

    #guy156 @LOUISJACKSXXX

    OMG – @LOUISJACKSXXX is adorable, stunning, super horny, and just the nicest person. I’m delighted to announce that he’s also #guy156. The perfect Christmas gift to empty your sack to 🎁🎁🎁 (29 minutes, 02 seconds)

  • #guy141 returns

    #guy141 returns

    This is a one hour epic session with #guy141 tied down this time. I work on his body with my hands and mouth. Straddle him and blow a massive load over his chest before finally extracting several of the longest ropes of cum I have ever seen. Especially impressive from such a small guy. This…

  • #guy11 @edger213 ruined

    #guy11 @edger213 ruined

    I had forgotten how how this video is until I started editing it. Suffice to say, it was very difficult to concentrate. I love tormenting @edger213 and ruining his orgasms. This one was clearly especially frustrating as for some reason he thought I wouldn’t actually ruin it. Silly rabbit! #guy11 (40 minutes, 18 seconds)

  • #guy144 @HeirXl

    #guy144 @HeirXl

    This is a little (big) mid-week treat for you. I think you’re going to love #guy144 @HeirXl as much as I do. Here he is having “honestly one of the best sexual experiences I’ve had” (38 minutes, 23 seconds)