• #guy162 @EdFTMxxx squirts

    #guy162 @EdFTMxxx squirts

    I got my hands on @edftmxxx for a second time. He’s so much fun to play with not to mention SUPER cute! #guy162 Time to take your preferred device back to bed with you and spoil yourself. You deserve it! (26 minutes, 31 seconds)

  • #guy162 @EdFTMxxx

    #guy162 @EdFTMxxx

    34 minutes, 31 seconds Preview I am really excited for you to see this beautiful video with @EdFTMxxx. My dick was throbbing throughout this session as I explored Eddy’s muscular body. Loved every second – hope you do too #guy162 DIRECT LINKS TO VIDEO VIA FAN SITES This video is included with all of my…