• #guy124


    This is without question my most popular video, and I can really understand why. I’ve included some of the cumshot in the teaser above, but honestly he just keep shooting and shooting. Although this hung twink is pretty close throughout, I knew once he felt my cock in his hole he wouldn’t be able to…

  • #guy79 @SamBridleXXX

    #guy79 @SamBridleXXX

    I first saw Sam Bridle in Dr CumControl’s videos. I never dreamed I’d get the chance to get my hands on him, but then my whole life now is kinda like living a dream. Anyway, he was just as much fun to play with as I’d expected. (52 minutes, 53 seconds)

  • #guy68


    This is one of my all time favourites. Massive dick. Flaming red bush. Tight little body. What’s not to like about #guy68. His dick is super sensitive but he loves the challenge of over-stimulation so that combination is just delicious. (39 minutes, 43 seconds)

  • #guy17 @xxxleander

    #guy17 @xxxleander

    This was the first time I ever met @xxxleander in 2019- it was a hot session. He was a pleasure to tease and I let him know who was in charge from the outset. I was so turned on by the encounter with this hot ginger adonis. I can still remember jerking off afterwards. Anyway,…