• #guy175 returns

    #guy175 returns

    After my first delicious session with “8 inch twunk” #guy175 I couldn’t wait to get my hands on him again. So I decided to visit him in Paris for a HOT second session. It really didn’t disappoint. (34 minutes 8 seconds)

  • #guy68 cums again

    #guy68 cums again

    I love playing with #guy68 sooo much! I know some of you have missed him as much as I have. He’s a joy to polish and always delivers a massive load. (38 minutes, 33 seconds)

  • #guy179


    31 minutes, 47 seconds Preview CLIP DIRECT LINKS TO VIDEO VIA FAN SITES This video is included with all of my fan site pages. The buttons below are direct links to this video. Buy individual video If you prefer to buy this as an individual video the buttons below are direct links to this video.…

  • #guy138 @BritishTwunk returns

    #guy138 @BritishTwunk returns

    It was a joy to have @BritishTwunk back for a second session. He’s just as greedy and desperate for dick as I remember him. #guy138 This video starts with him tied down a vulnerable. He convinces me to let him worship my cock, and eventually I can’t resist but fill his beautiful expectant hole. My…

  • #guy175 8 inch twunk edged and tickled

    #guy175 8 inch twunk edged and tickled

    Introducing #guy175, self-described as an “8 inch twunk”, he really didn’t disappoint. That big dick is sensitive and a joy to play with. His cum explodes in all directions after he gives a few frantic warnings of impeding jizz. You might also discover whether he’s ticklish… I recommend watching this when your balls a full…

  • #guy138 @BritishTwunk (uncensored)

    #guy138 @BritishTwunk (uncensored)

    This is (almost) the longest video I’ve ever posted and very much a favourite of mine already. #guy138 @BritishTwunk is beautiful, very enthusiastic and feels really good! (1 hour, 2 minutes, 44 seconds)

  • #guy167


    This is one of my personal favourites. I arranged the session on my birthday because I knew it would be a real treat for me and I wasn’t disappointed! Earlier today I asked #guy167 what he thought of the video and in his typically modest style he said: “Haha. Probably not one of your best.…

  • #guy164 @BritBoysXXX

    #guy164 @BritBoysXXX

    Some guys are blessed with massive cocks, some with massive loads and some, like #guy164 are blessed with both! Not to mention that adorable face! I am obsessed! Note. this guy’s face is shown (unblurred) in the full version of this video (26 minutes, 58 seconds)

  • #guy162 @EdFTMxxx

    #guy162 @EdFTMxxx

    34 minutes, 31 seconds Preview I am really excited for you to see this beautiful video with @EdFTMxxx. My dick was throbbing throughout this session as I explored Eddy’s muscular body. Loved every second – hope you do too #guy162 DIRECT LINKS TO VIDEO VIA FAN SITES This video is included with all of my…

  • #guy156 @LOUISJACKSXXX

    #guy156 @LOUISJACKSXXX

    OMG – @LOUISJACKSXXX is adorable, stunning, super horny, and just the nicest person. I’m delighted to announce that he’s also #guy156. The perfect Christmas gift to empty your sack to 🎁🎁🎁 (29 minutes, 02 seconds)