• #guy203 @shaft_of_lightx

    #guy203 @shaft_of_lightx

    Wow! I am totally obsessed with #guy203. I think once you’ve seen this you’ll appreciate why. He’s so beautiful and that dick such a delight to work with. In this session he delivers two big loads before I cover him with my own homemade semen glaze. shaft_of_lightx is an apt name for this perfectly penised…

  • #guy201


    This is already one of my favourite videos. As I was tying #guy201’s hands he said: “You could do post-cum for like hours and there’s nothing I could do” Little did he know I could also do post-cum tickling until he could barely breathe😈😈😈 βœ… naked workout βœ… polishing βœ… made to cum βœ… enormous…

  • #guy199 @JDaltxxx

    #guy199 @JDaltxxx

    This was such a hot session. A beautiful dick and hungry hole. This super hot guy was so close throughout. What a delight. #guy199 @JDaltxxx (31 minutes, 39 seconds)

  • #guy197 @XXLFit

    #guy197 @XXLFit

    An instant favourite! This is a truly enormous and very sensitive penis attached to the most adorable of guys. He’s very verbal and as you’ll hear very close throughout. A delight to play with. #guy197 @XXLFit (1 hour, 2 minutes, 21 seconds)

  • #guy162 @EdFTMxxx squirts

    #guy162 @EdFTMxxx squirts

    I got my hands on @edftmxxx for a second time. He’s so much fun to play with not to mention SUPER cute! #guy162 Time to take your preferred device back to bed with you and spoil yourself. You deserve it! (26 minutes, 31 seconds)

  • #guy17 @xxxleander

    #guy17 @xxxleander

    This seventh installment of the ginger fox is a delicious hour long epic. Leander just keeps getting hotter and hotter. This one is super intimate, I decided to release his hands to put them to work on my nipples. It was a great idea! I also included a short section where I gave him a…

  • #guy175 returns

    #guy175 returns

    After my first delicious session with “8 inch twunk” #guy175 I couldn’t wait to get my hands on him again. So I decided to visit him in Paris for a HOT second session. It really didn’t disappoint. (34 minutes 8 seconds)

  • #guy68 cums again

    #guy68 cums again

    I love playing with #guy68 sooo much! I know some of you have missed him as much as I have. He’s a joy to polish and always delivers a massive load. (38 minutes, 33 seconds)

  • #guy179


    31 minutes, 47 seconds Preview CLIP DIRECT LINKS TO VIDEO VIA FAN SITES This video is included with all of my fan site pages. The buttons below are direct links to this video. Buy individual video If you prefer to buy this as an individual video the buttons below are direct links to this video.…

  • #guy138 @BritishTwunk returns

    #guy138 @BritishTwunk returns

    It was a joy to have @BritishTwunk back for a second session. He’s just as greedy and desperate for dick as I remember him. #guy138 This video starts with him tied down a vulnerable. He convinces me to let him worship my cock, and eventually I can’t resist but fill his beautiful expectant hole. My…