These videos are 50-60 minutes in length

  • #guy203 @shaft_of_lightx

    #guy203 @shaft_of_lightx

    Wow! I am totally obsessed with #guy203. I think once you’ve seen this you’ll appreciate why. He’s so beautiful and that dick such a delight to work with. In this session he delivers two big loads before I cover him with my own homemade semen glaze. shaft_of_lightx is an apt name for this perfectly penised…

  • #guy201


    This is already one of my favourite videos. As I was tying #guy201’s hands he said: “You could do post-cum for like hours and there’s nothing I could do” Little did he know I could also do post-cum tickling until he could barely breathe😈😈😈 βœ… naked workout βœ… polishing βœ… made to cum βœ… enormous…

  • #guy79 @SamBridleXXX

    #guy79 @SamBridleXXX

    I first saw Sam Bridle in Dr CumControl’s videos. I never dreamed I’d get the chance to get my hands on him, but then my whole life now is kinda like living a dream. Anyway, he was just as much fun to play with as I’d expected. (52 minutes, 53 seconds)