• #guy201


    This is already one of my favourite videos. As I was tying #guy201’s hands he said: “You could do post-cum for like hours and there’s nothing I could do” Little did he know I could also do post-cum tickling until he could barely breathe😈😈😈 βœ… naked workout βœ… polishing βœ… made to cum βœ… enormous…

  • #guy197 @XXLFit

    #guy197 @XXLFit

    An instant favourite! This is a truly enormous and very sensitive penis attached to the most adorable of guys. He’s very verbal and as you’ll hear very close throughout. A delight to play with. #guy197 @XXLFit (1 hour, 2 minutes, 21 seconds)

  • #guy17 @xxxleander

    #guy17 @xxxleander

    This seventh installment of the ginger fox is a delicious hour long epic. Leander just keeps getting hotter and hotter. This one is super intimate, I decided to release his hands to put them to work on my nipples. It was a great idea! I also included a short section where I gave him a…

  • #guy138 @BritishTwunk returns

    #guy138 @BritishTwunk returns

    It was a joy to have @BritishTwunk back for a second session. He’s just as greedy and desperate for dick as I remember him. #guy138 This video starts with him tied down a vulnerable. He convinces me to let him worship my cock, and eventually I can’t resist but fill his beautiful expectant hole. My…

  • #guy174 @boy_j3

    #guy174 @boy_j3

    Who doesn’t love a beautiful cock with a massive sensitive head? Need I say anymore? It’s an intense 48 minutes for #guy174 @boy_j3 (48 minutes, 47 seconds)

  • The milker milked by @PersianPrinceX

    The milker milked by @PersianPrinceX

    I don’t know why, but people always seem to want to exact revenge on me for the joyful sessions I have brought to so many. Here I am vulnerable, bound, and at the mercy of @PersianPrince_x (45 minutes, 28 seconds)

  • #guy11 @edger213 a delicate extraction

    #guy11 @edger213  a delicate extraction

    This (might be) my favourite video of #guy11 It’s a true teasing with lots of the sarcastic verbal taunting you’ve come to expect from me. It’s pretty long but I’d highly recommend watching it from start to finish, and if I may say it’s a beautiful and explosive finish. Oh and the tickle fans won;t…

  • #guy138 @BritishTwunk (uncensored)

    #guy138 @BritishTwunk (uncensored)

    This is (almost) the longest video I’ve ever posted and very much a favourite of mine already. #guy138 @BritishTwunk is beautiful, very enthusiastic and feels really good! (1 hour, 2 minutes, 44 seconds)

  • #guy36 @SmuttyZan

    #guy36 @SmuttyZan

    I’ve made a couple of videos with @SmuttyZan and his bf before. This time I got him on 1on1 for a very hot session. (Fun fact: I used to regularly wax @SmuttyZan – imagine how hot that was. He was always hard all the way through and would quite often cum while I was applying…

  • #guy141 returns

    #guy141 returns

    This is a one hour epic session with #guy141 tied down this time. I work on his body with my hands and mouth. Straddle him and blow a massive load over his chest before finally extracting several of the longest ropes of cum I have ever seen. Especially impressive from such a small guy. This…