• @milking_muscle


    With full balls I paid a visit to @milking_muscle while he was in town (51 minutes, 40 seconds)

  • #guy174 @boy_j3

    #guy174 @boy_j3

    Who doesn’t love a beautiful cock with a massive sensitive head? Need I say anymore? It’s an intense 48 minutes for #guy174 @boy_j3 (48 minutes, 47 seconds)

  • #guy15


    Always a pleasure to get my hands on #guy15 – it had been a while so I made sure to savour the experience (25 minutes, 0 seconds)

  • #guy168 @quietguyNYC

    #guy168 @quietguyNYC

    You’re gonna wanna watch this one over and over again. This session really is wonderful. A truly delicious and sensual edging for a beautiful guy with a massive cock. He may be quiet by name, but once he submits to my hands it becomes clear that he’s not always quiet by nature. You can really…

  • #guy147 @timgottfridxxx

    #guy147 @timgottfridxxx

    This is a super cute second video with #guy147. It starts with a little more behing the scenes than usual. He was hard and waving his dick around from the moment he arrived so I thought I’d share that with you guys. This Ukranian prince has a big and super sensitive cock which I love.…

  • #guy154 @8hungtwink

    #guy154 @8hungtwink

    If you’re a fan of massive sensitive cocks (like I am), then you’ll love this latest video with beautiful twink #guy154. I’m convinced his cock hard cock is like half his body weight! You’ll see that at some point even me just holding it was pushing him ever closer to the edge. Such a delicious video.…

  • #guy42 – dribbles, shoots, misses

    #guy42 – dribbles, shoots, misses

    This is a super hot sixth video with #guy42 – he dribbles the first load, the second is shoots out, and the third is so close to not being ruined but … (28 minutes, 42 seconds)

  • #guy162 @EdFTMxxx squirts

    #guy162 @EdFTMxxx squirts

    I got my hands on @edftmxxx for a second time. He’s so much fun to play with not to mention SUPER cute! #guy162 Time to take your preferred device back to bed with you and spoil yourself. You deserve it! (26 minutes, 31 seconds)