• @edgerbroDL makes me beg

    @edgerbroDL makes me beg

    I suspect some of you guys are gonna be subscribing to @edgerbroDL in the near future after you watch him tear my underwear off and make me beg in a way you’ve never heard before. You guys think it’s hot to watch what a guy’s hole does when they cum, right? (26 minutes, 57 seconds)

  • I am teased by @princeofedging

    I am teased by @princeofedging

    When sexy ginger influencer James Hinchliffe reached out to me for his first edging session I was very excited. Turns out he was an ideal candidate, so easily held on the edge and very vocal about it. The first load didn’t fully drain him though, so I stroked his prostate while he worked out another…

  • @edginggold


    I know you guys like to see me on the other end of things and I’m excited to share this lovely session I had with @edginggold when he visited London last month (39 minutes, 33 seconds)

  • @massageforhim


    Cute massage video from @massageforhim. He oils me up, fingers my hole and releases the pressure that had built up in may balls. (29 minutes, 52 seconds)