• #guy211 @leowestxx

    #guy211 @leowestxx

    A long session with the gorgeous @leowestxx yielded an enormous reward. A powerful shot right vertically into the air and landing on knee. It was VERY hot! #guy211 (55 minutes, 32 seconds)

  • #guy210 @gros_branleur

    #guy210 @gros_branleur

    Apparently, ‘@gros_branleur’ literally translates as ‘big wanker – It’s certainly the case that we’ve got some massive French schlong on our hands today 🇫🇷🇫🇷. #guy210 had previously been milked by good friend Prince of Edging and I think he was looking for another full pleasure, no control experience. I can also tell you that this…

  • #guy209 @bigboi_eli

    #guy209 @bigboi_eli

    I love it when they shake! This gorgeous otter serves up an enormous load from a his mammoth dick. He’s truly a sight to behold! #guy207 @bigboi_eli (33 minutes, 27 seconds)

  • #guy148 @YusufOliverxxx

    #guy148 @YusufOliverxxx

    This is a second video with the sweetest, beautiful, hung twink I’ve met for a long time. He’s so responsive to sensual touch and rides the edge for several delicious minutes. I’ve been jerking off to this one already. #guy148 @yusufoliverxxx ps. I can also recommend a very hot video he recently made with Kayden…

  • #guy208 @notvchristianxx

    #guy208 @notvchristianxx

    A beautiful twink with a prostate that is very much a cum switch. Watch me feed @notvchristianxx his own thick load before pumping my own into his mouth. #guy208 (36 minutes, 37 seconds)

  • #guy97 @legallytwink

    #guy97 @legallytwink

    One of the hungriest holes I know. When #guy97 returned for a long overdue second milking I knew before he arrived that although he LOVES my finger pressing on his prostate he’d ultimately want some more substantial stimulation to properly extract his gloopy load. w/ @legallytwink (33 minutes, 37 seconds)

  • #guy207 @strong_hands4

    #guy207 @strong_hands4

    Last year when @strong_hands4 visited the UK he stopped by to give me an erotic massage. It was also a proper massage and my calves really felt it! Anyway, he was too shy to get in my chair himself so all the attention was focussed on me and my dick (what a shame!). This year…

  • #guy206 @v3rs_charlie

    #guy206 @v3rs_charlie

    What a delight it was to play with @v3rs_charlie. I made sure to fully enjoy every inch of him. #guy206 (39 minutes, 6 seconds)

  • @edgerbroDL makes me beg

    @edgerbroDL makes me beg

    I suspect some of you guys are gonna be subscribing to @edgerbroDL in the near future after you watch him tear my underwear off and make me beg in a way you’ve never heard before. You guys think it’s hot to watch what a guy’s hole does when they cum, right? (26 minutes, 57 seconds)

  • #guy205 @itstroylocke

    #guy205 @itstroylocke

    Unlocked from chastity and tied to my chair. @itstroylocke expected a nice relaxing handjob but didn’t expect the tickling. His body looks so beautiful when he’s being tickled. I just couldn’t resist doing it over and over! #guy205 (33 minutes, 15 seconds)