• #guy203 @shaft_of_lightx

    #guy203 @shaft_of_lightx

    Wow! I am totally obsessed with #guy203. I think once you’ve seen this you’ll appreciate why. He’s so beautiful and that dick such a delight to work with. In this session he delivers two big loads before I cover him with my own homemade semen glaze. shaft_of_lightx is an apt name for this perfectly penised…

  • #guy202 @HairyHungESP

    #guy202 @HairyHungESP

    Hairy, hung, and full of cum! This furry Spanish twink is an instant fave. He’s so verbal and playful. You can tell from the first moment that, as my hands focus on his dick, his mind is very much focussed on mine. This is a super intimate session that I think you’ll love. #guy202 @HairyHungESP…

  • @edginggold


    I know you guys like to see me on the other end of things and I’m excited to share this lovely session I had with @edginggold when he visited London last month (39 minutes, 33 seconds)

  • #guy11 @edger213 fingertip tease

    #guy11 @edger213 fingertip tease

    The beautiful #guy11 (@edger213) is once again restrained and at my mercy. This time some fingertip teasing, a massive load, finished off with some merciless tickling (39 minutes, 33 seconds)

  • #guy201


    This is already one of my favourite videos. As I was tying #guy201’s hands he said: “You could do post-cum for like hours and there’s nothing I could do” Little did he know I could also do post-cum tickling until he could barely breathe😈😈😈 βœ… naked workout βœ… polishing βœ… made to cum βœ… enormous…

  • #guy200 @ThroatSeeker

    #guy200 @ThroatSeeker

    Introducing #guy200. He turned out to be not just a wonderful plaything but also a new friend. When I started this milking journey I had no idea I would reach number 200. I have met so many adorable, friendly, and gorgeous guys. This truly is a blessed life. I am so thankful to have found…

  • #guy199 @JDaltxxx

    #guy199 @JDaltxxx

    This was such a hot session. A beautiful dick and hungry hole. This super hot guy was so close throughout. What a delight. #guy199 @JDaltxxx (31 minutes, 39 seconds)

  • #guy198 @Jammiedodger501

    #guy198 @Jammiedodger501

    Introducing #guy198 “A cheeky bi scally lad from North Yorkshire making naughty vids” . I’m sure you’ll love his northern charm as much as I do. @Jammiedodger501 (23 minutes 58 seconds)

  • #guy197 @XXLFit

    #guy197 @XXLFit

    An instant favourite! This is a truly enormous and very sensitive penis attached to the most adorable of guys. He’s very verbal and as you’ll hear very close throughout. A delight to play with. #guy197 @XXLFit (1 hour, 2 minutes, 21 seconds)

  • #guy196 @LucasTwinkBR

    #guy196 @LucasTwinkBR

    What a treat to have this sexy Brasilian twink slide into my DMs for a delicious edging session. He told me he was full of cum and he didn’t disappoint #guy196 @LucasTwinkBR (28 minutes)